Episode 3

Part 3 - Retribution

As more guests die, Jack uncovers new layers of the conspiracy. She’s still one step behind the killer and the danger is unescapable. 

This episode contains Adult Language, Adult Content, and Violence.

From Velocity Studios, producers of engaging audio stories, television series and feature films. This limited series is part of the Greatest Scripts series—adapting exceptional un-produced feature and TV scripts into audio dramas. For more information visit: GreatestScripts.com

Directed & Produced by Forest Robin. Produced by James Walker. Original Music by: Witewolf. Based on the Original Motion Picture Screenplay by Andrew Hilton. Starring: Chelsea Spirito, Kiara McCarthy, Jamie Fishback, Deborah Robin and Craig Sherman.

This audio presentation has been mixed in theatrical Dolby Atmos sound design and mastered in IAX (Immersive Audio Experience). For more information: IAXAudio.com

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The Metal Detective
A cyberpunk noir murder mystery.